Tuesday, 19 February 2013

Tata Tech to exibit eMO electric vehicle in Detroit

Pune-based Tata Technologies, engineering services and product development IT company has been chosen by Michelin to display its electric mobility (eMO) engineering study EV at North American International Auto Show (NAIAS) in Detroit.
The electric vehicle will be a part of Michelin Challenge Design display at the event. The company's Vehicle Programs and Development (VPD) group, with more than 300 engineers operating from Pune followed by its three automotive engineering centers in Detroit, Coventry (UK), and Stuttgart (Germany) had the responsibility of developing the eMO.
"The eMO project symbolizes the coming of age of Indian automotive engineering. It is a tangible example of the capability of Tata Technologies to engineer a full vehicle – a first for any India-based engineering services company," said Warren Harris, president and global COO, Tata Technologies .
He added, "Since we are an India-based company, Tata Technologies is intimately familiar with developing markets. Additionally, our experience and presence in Europe and North America means we also have an understanding of developed markets, a combination that provides a competitive advantage to our clients."
Kevin Fisher, VPD president, said, "The next decade will see an ever-increasing demand for more efficient and accelerated product development that also will need to incorporate more new technology than the auto industry has seen in 30 years. We are positioned to set the pace in automotive product development and technological innovation."
As a ground-up EV study, eMO also incorporates design advantages over an internal combustion engine (ICE) vehicle like smoother aerodynamic surfaces and shorter overhangs. 
To reduce the overall carbon footprint of the manufacturing, assembly and other associated processes, Tata Technologies eliminated the traditional body shop and paint process, and utilizes many green product materials in eMO.

Sandip Ginodia
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