Thursday, 5 April 2012

Bharti Telecom

Bharti telecom is the holding co of bharti airtel ltd., india's biggest telecom co in private sector.sunil mittal and group hold 45.3% share in bharti airtel, entirely through 85.99 crore shares in bharti telecom ltd.
paid up capital of bharti telecom is rs. 21 crore. with 2.1 crore shares of face value of rs. 10 each.
net worth is rs. 1089 crore.value of investment in bharti airtel's 172.55 crore shares at todays price (3.12.2011) of rs. 370 per share is rs. 650,400 crores.

This values the co at rs. 10800 crore against an embedded value of rs. 60200 crores of investment leaving aside ownership premium.
Bharti airtel has again declared dividend of rs. 1 on face value of rs. 5.00 / share for fy ended march 2011.

Bharti telecom will receive a sum of rs. 174 crore free of income tax.
With such windfall of dividend and cash flow expected, bharti telecom is expected to declare handsome dividend in future.

Other listed holding subsidiaries of various co's quote @ around 60% of embedded value.
investment is highly recommended for 3-5 yrs horizon.
price target rs. 20000.00 to rs. 30000.00 in 2-4 yrs.
The stock is unlisted, trades in off market, has poor liquidity and is traded in demat mode. Thus available at values below it's worth .

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Tuesday, 3 April 2012

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