Tuesday, 27 November 2012

TCS merger with TCS e serve

    The board of Tata Consultancy Services (TCS) in its meeting on 18 October 2012 has approved the composite scheme of arrangement between TCS, TCS e-Serve (e-Serve) and TCS e-Serve International (TEIL).
    The composite scheme of arrangement provides for merger of e-Serve into TCS and demerger of TEIL's special economic zone (SEZ) undertaking(s) to TCS. The appointed date proposed for this scheme is 01 April 2013.
    TCS holds 96.26% of the paid up equity share capital of e-Serve. TEIL is a wholly owned subsidiary of e-Serve.
    As per the terms of the scheme of arrangement, shareholders of e-Serve (other than TCS) will receive 13 equity shares of Re 1 each of TCS for every 4 equity shares of Rs 10 each of e-Serve held by them.
    The board has approved the scheme of merger of Computational Research Laboratories (CRL) and Retail FullServe (RFL) with TCS. The proposed appointed date for the merger of CRL is 01 October 2012 and for the merger of RFL is 01 April 2012.
    Computational Research Laboratories and Retail FullServe are wholly-owned subsidiaries of TCS and hence, no shares will be issued upon the scheme becoming effective.
    The above schemes are subject to the approval of the members and/or creditors and the Hon'ble High Court(s) and other statutory approvals, as may be required by law.

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