Wednesday, 14 March 2018

Little to fear from LTCG-tax regime - Unlisted Securities

LTCG on unlisted equity shares continued to be taxed after providing for indexation. Accordingly, taxpayers are generally familiar with the LTCG regime including the mechanism for indexing the cost of acquisition w.r.t inflation. The new regime for LTCG proposed in the Finance Bill, 2018 has been designed in a similar manner. In fact, the computation of LTCG is now simpler since the cost of acquisition is not required to be indexed. This computation process does not involve any discretion on the part of the taxman. Moreover, all doubts have already been clarified by way of FAQs released by the CBDT as early as on February 4, 2018. More such FAQs can be released in due course, if the need arises. Thus, there is no reason to believe that the proposal will give rise to any kind of governance issues.

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