Tuesday, 22 November 2016

Otis gives employees time to study

Otis Elevator Company, an unit of United Technologies has made a name for itself as the world’s leading manufacturer of elevators, escalators and moving walkways, but what a lot of people are not aware of are their unique HR policies when it comes to their Indian employees. 

One of them is their flagship Employee Scholar Program. This company-sponsored employee education program empowers employees to expand their knowledge in their current field, or learn new skills for a different career path. They are encouraed to obtain a degree in any field, whether or not it is related to their work duties. 

"The idea is to promote the advancement and development of our employees through education — not just to help them in their current jobs but also to give them a chance to prepare for the jobs of tomorrow," stated Sebi Jospeh, President, Otis India 

Under the program, every employee at Otis is eligible to take upto three hours of paid time to study every week. Moreover, the program also pays for their tuition, textbooks and any other academic fees. Employees have no restriction when it comes to the range of subjects or courses they want to pursue. 

Started in 1996, the Employe Scholar Program has enabled employees across 60 countries earn more than 38,000 degrees. In India itself, over 414 employees from Otis India have used this program to complete their degrees. 

One among them is Sanu Kapoor, who is pursuing a Management course with dual specialization in Marketing and Finance through the program. “I am thankful to UTC and Otis India for providing me this opportunity to pursue my Management Studies under the UTC Employee Scholar Program. The program has helped me in broadening strategic thinking and enhancing my entrepreneurial skills and competencies. The experience and knowledge gained from the program will put me in a good position for any future endeavours. 

In my opinion, the UTC Employee Scholar Program is not simply a program but an avenue that helps their employees to fulfil their goals. ”

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